Wednesday, October 30

More photobash concepts!

Testing out a new workflow. Learned quite a few new things with these pieces.

Saturday, October 12

Infiltration - WIP iterations

This is what happens when I have too much fun with weather effects and day/night scenes.

Friday, October 11

Infiltration WIP mattepainting

I also have a day time and a cloudy/foggy iteration of this mattepaint piece in the works, I'm excited about getting particle effects to look extra convincing in the scene. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Tuesday, October 8

Space Marine concepts

Moving myself a little more out of my comfort zone is a nice, if daunting, feeling.

Lady in Sci-Fi armor - polish pass

Finally added a background~!

[previous polish pass]

Saturday, October 5

Urban Explorer concept - Reza [prelim]

Reza is a double amputee engineer and parkour artist who builds and tests his own prosthetics.

Zbrush derpery